13 JANUARY 1855, Page 8

According to private accounts, of a completely reliable character, from

St. Petersburg, great distress is experienced in that city, and much dis- satisfaction prevails at the hardships imposed by the war. It is men- tioned that in all the churches prayers are now offered for peace. As religious services in Russia are subject to the direct control of the Government, this statement is somewhat remarkable.—.Daily News.

The Journal de St. Petersbourg of the 3d gives one-fourth of its news columns to the report of Mr. Bright's pro-Russian speech, delivered in the House of Commons on the 228 December.

The Senate of Hamburg has caused to be published in their official journal the decree in force in that city prohibiting enlistment of men for foreign service.

The Queen Dowager, Maria Theresa, mother of the Bing of Sardinira died yesterday, at Turin, after seven days' illness, at the age of fifty-four.