13 JANUARY 1855, Page 8

Mr. Cobden visits Leeds next Wednesday, to make a speech.

It has been resolved that Mr. J. G. Marshall shall move, and Mr. Edward Baines second, a resolution approving of the war, and calling on the Govern- ment to prosecute it with vigour.

At a meeting of the Manchester Committee in aid of the Patriotic Fund, the Mayor reported that the subscriptions had amounted to 25,0001: on the 4th instant. A resolution was agreed to suggesting the propriety of printing the resolutions and proceedings of the Commissioners, which may involve the distribution of the money, and of enabling the public to obtain printed copies.

The band of Calais and the Choral Society of St. Omer gave a concert on Thursday, in the Town-hall of Dover, in aid of the Patriotic Fund. All business was suspended ; the town was decorated with the flags cif both countries; and the warmest reception was given to our allies.

The Quebec correspondent of the Horning Post, under date December 22, reports that Mr. Rankin a Member of the House of Assembly and a - Canadian by birth, has offered to the Governor-General his means and services towards raising 1000 men in Upper Canada, for service in the Crimea. There was much talk of raising a light infantry brigade, com- posed of Upper and Lower Canadians; and it was thought probable that the matter would be seriously taken up in the Legislature. It is proposed as a sort of compensation for the services of the Queen's troops in Canada.