13 JANUARY 1855, Page 9

Considerable improvements are going on in New Palace Yard, against

the return of Parliament to business on the 23d. The pedestal upon which the statue of Cceur de Lion rested has been completely removed; the paved space which runs in a straight line from the entrance to Westminster Hall to the opposite side of the area is repaved and widened, and the lamps are arranged So as to protect pedestrians. The Western side is no longer entirely open, but is enclosed with poste and rods, two openings being left for the entrance and exit of carriages. A shed has been run up along the South side of New Palace Yard in line with the entrance to Westminster Hall, for the accom- modation of saddle-horses and servants of Members; and the Police have a "box" conveniently placed for all purposes. In the central hall of the edifice itself, a brazen chandelier of great di- mensions and elaborate Gothic workmanship is to be suspended. The hall rises to a height of sixty-three feet, and the rod and burners of the chande- lier will fall thirty-two feet. The design is by Sir Charles Barry, and the workmanship by Mr. Hardiman of Birmingham.