13 JANUARY 1855, Page 9



The telegraphic information from Vienna on Monday, to the effect that the four propositions as interpreted by the Allies had been accepted by Prince Gortachakoffi caused an advance in Government Securities of 2 per cent, and Consols for Money were done at 924. The news was unexpected, and had the greater effect, through the eagerness of the late operators for a fall to repurchase ; and the subsequent confirmation of the intelligence, and response given to it by a rapid improvement of several per cents on the French and other Continental Bourses, have produced a rebound on several -occasions since, when our Funds have been temporarily depressed : latterly, French Stocks have been.flatter. On Wednesday the settlement of the Ac- count was arranged: the rate of continuation having advanced from; to 1, this caused some sales to be effected; Consols receded to 91/, and then rallied

they close today at 911 4 for Money and 914 / for Account, after having been 4 lower. Some of the Greek firms have been purchasing our Stocks during the week. Attention has also been directed to a fall in tallow and other Russian produce; and great heaviness in the Corn-market, ascribed to the possibility of peace. A demand for money has been experienced, partly arising from the deposit of 10 per cent on the New French Loan ; and the subsequent instalments are likely to render our Funds unsteady periodically, unless counteracting causes intervene. Some considerable fluctuations may also be expected from the endeavour to anticipate the reply to the negotia- tions for peace. The demand for bullion at the Bank of England for trans- mission to Paris is large and of daily occurrence, and the Bank returns will be closely watched. The repayment of advances made by the Bank during the closing of the trausfer-books, amounting, it is supposed, to 2,000,0001., has commenced and has added to the demand for money ;

which has been worth from o 4 per cent upon Government Securities. Bank Stock has improved 4. India Stock is 1 lower. Exchequer Bills have not altered. A statement prepared by Mr. James Low shows that the shipments of specie to the East by the steamers of the Peninsular and sanental Steam and General Screw Companies during the past year amounted to 5,805,772/., against 6,652,1771. in the previous year ; the gold being 1,222,7551., and silver 4,583,0171. The shipments from England amounted to 4,306,302!.; and 1,499,4701. was shipped at Marseilles, Gibraltar, and Malta. The total to China was 3,753,3931.; namely, 2,607,7371. from Eng- land, and 1,14.5,6.561. from Marseilles, 8rc. - The Foreign Market has displayed great activity in connexion with the rise in Consols, and nearly all descriptions of the leading Securities are 1 per cent better. The principal feature has been an advance of 4 per cent in Russian Four-and-a-half per Cents, and of 3 in the Five per Cents. Turkish Scrip has been done at 774, but is now 751 64. Several transac- tions have been made in the new French Loan, which has reached 24 3 premium. Al the meeting of Anglo-Peruvian Bondholders yesterday, the report of the Committee was read, principally detailing offers made by that Government for the rearrangement of the Foreign Debt, and the measures adopted by them to resist the plan as injurious to the Bondholders. As the Committee and Bondholders differ on this point, the report was not carried ; the Committee retired, a new Committee was appointed, and resolutions were passed ap- proving of the terms offered by Peru, and expressing a wish that the New Bonds of the Home Debt converted into the Foreign should be allowed a quotation in the Official List of the Stock Exchange. The transactions in Railways have been more extensive than of late, and at improved prices; the dealers shoeing greater confidence. London and North-Western have been done at 1021. Operations have been freely made in Caledonian, Lancashire and Yorkshire, Midland, and North-Eastern- Berwick. The highest prices have not been maintained, but they still show an average advance over last week of 10s. to 11. 5s. Business in Foreign Shares has been lively, and early in the week the French descriptions were 78. 6d. to 11. better. They are now more flat.

The English Funds are slightly better this morning; Consols for Money are 911 / and for Account 911 2. Exchequer Bills 4 7. The bullion return by the Bank of England shows a decrease of 167,273/. This is not so heavy SS last week ; next Saturday's return is expected to show a great falliug-offi on account of the remittances for the French Loan. In Foreign Stocks, Aus- trian is 1 better ; Turkish Scrip is steady at 751 61. Railways are quiet, and the only bargains recorded are at these prices-Great Northern B, 124; Great Western, 69; Midland, 69; North British Preference, 1001.


The English Funds are 4 higher than they were in the morning. Con- sols leaving off at 924 for Money and 924 1 for the Account. Exchequer Bills 4 7. Exchequer Bonds 1858 and 1859 have been done at 991. In the Foreign Market, the only alteration is an improvement of 4 in Turkish Scrip, which is now 761 4; the bargains have been 761 1. Equador has been done at 4.

In Railways the attention has been principally occupied in making ar- rangements tor the settlement on Monday next, but they leave off rather higher-Bristol and Exeter, 95; Caledonian, 62; Eastern Counties, Ilk ; Great Northern, 91; Ditto A Stock 764; Ditto B Stock, 124; Great West- ern, 684; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 741; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 107; London and South-Western, 844; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 244;_ Midland, 691; Norfolk, 491; North British, 314; North-Eastern-Berwick, 76 ; Ditto Extension, 14; Ditto York, 54; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, 324; Scottish Central, 97 ; South-Eastern, 594; Eastern Counties Extension New 6 per Cent Stock; 124; Great Northern 5 per Cent, 1154; Great Western, Convertible and Redeemable 44 per Cent, 97; Midland Preference 44 per Cent, 14 dis.; North British, 1004; East Indian Extension, 24; Great Luxembourg Obligations, 24; Namur and Liege, (with interest,) 74; Northern of France, 341; Paris and Lyons, 37; Western of France, 18. Joint Stock Banks- Australasian, 791; London Chartered Bank of Australia, 204; Union of Aus- tralia, 67. Milscellaneous-Australian Agricultural, 35; Crystal Palace, 2/ ; North British Australasian, 1; Peel River Land and Mineral, 21.

3 per Cent Console Ditto tor Account 3 per Cent Reduced New 1 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock Exchequer Bills India Stock

Austrian 5 per Cents Brazilian 5 per Cents

Belgian 41 per Cents Chilian 6 per Cents Danish 5 per Cents 92 1 921 1 91f 4 92 1 4 2081 101 I 4 7 225 8 82 5 ex d. 98 100 91 3 101 3 101 3 Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents

Ditto 4 per Cents

Mexican 3 per Cents Peruvian 41 per Cents Ditto 3 per Cents Portuguese 4 per Cents Russian 5 per Cents

Ditto 41 per Cents

Spanish 3 per Cents Ditto Deferred Sardinian 5 per Cents Swedish 4 per Cents - 60 1 ex cl. 92 4 21 1 70 2 49 51 41 3 ex d. 100 2 89 91 ex d. 574 si 181 19 84 6 83 6

BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 31, for the week ending On Saturday, the 6th day of January 1865. lairs DIPARTNENS.

Notes issued g26,988,455 Government Debt £11,019,100

Other Securities 3,984.900

Gold Coin and Bullion 12,988,465

Sliver Bullion



1.11111210 PIPSZTMflT.



Government Securities. (Is-

Rest 3,191,567

chia. g Dead Weight Annuity) E11.611,800

Public Deposits' 8,391,361 Othe. Securities 15.451,215 Other Deposita 9,981,301 Notes 7,308,755 Seven Day and otherBilis 981,420 Gold and Silver Coln 878,929 £31,078,712 £32,075,717

• including Exchequer.8selngs-Banks. Commissioners ofNatIonal Debt. & Dividend Accts.