13 JANUARY 1855, Page 9

Some forged bank-notes, executed with unusual skill, have lately been

presented at the Bank of England, having reached this country among re- mittances from Marseilles. They consist of Us, 101.s, and 201.s; and the total amount from various sources brought to the Bank thus far is about 2001. Those of Si. each are dated Feb. 2, 1854, signed "J. Ferraby " ; and those of 104, London, July 5, 1854, signed "J. Ferraby " ; and those of 201. Man- chester, Jan. 22, 1853, signed "I Williams." Most probably they have been manufactured entirely on the Continent, with the view of being negotiated among the various money-changers, and have not yet in any instance been passed in this country ; but as the criminals have gone to great expense in having paper manufactured with the proper watermarks for each denomination of note, they have doubtless reckoned on an extensive circula- tion of them, and the public should therefore be upon their guard. Al- though on the whole these forgeries are remarkably complete, they can be detected by an examination of their numbers, the several figures of which these are composed being of very inferior execution.-Times.