13 JULY 1850, Page 10

Mr. Joseph Paxton, the well-brown gardener to the Duke of

Devonshire, is among the competitors offering designs for the building to ecatain

thti Exposition of 1851, and he has circulated a wood-cut of his design —a parallelogram, long and tall. It would be formed of an iron frinnework, with glass panels ; and it is calculated that after use, no materials would retain so large a. proportion of their original cost. The building would be comparatively inexpensive, light in both senses, handsome, suited to the-garden-like Park, and probably Mr. Paxton took his ideas from garden structures ; above all, it would be novel. We can fancy it, light, gay, and glittering, like spider* in a fairy tale,—certainly an object such as Londoners have never seen.