13 JULY 1850, Page 9

limn unit Colonial. • Fitswcz — M. Louis Napoleon has been

promoted to the sovereign dig- nity of having his life menaced by a lunatic. A youth named George Alfred Walker, the son of a compositor on the staff of Galignones Mes- senger, was observed on Friday afternoon waiting about the Palace of the Rlysee, with a preoccupied air ; his marches and countermarches at- tracted the suspicion of the secret police. As a carriage passed, he was observed to search its interior with his eye, and to step forward, holding his hand in his bosom as if grasping something ; but observing that the eye of "an agent" was upon him, he suddenly drew back; and then, as suddenly, he fronted the agent and gave himself into custody, with an ex- clamation admitting that he was waiting the opportunity to kill the Pre- sident. A pistol, loaded, capped, and on full-cock, was found inside the breast of his waistcoat, and he avowed that this was to have been the weapon of death. Official inquiries have demonstrated that Walker is undoubtedly insane. The debate on the Ministerial law of the press commenced on Monday, and has been notable for a "scene." M. Rouher, the Minister of Jus- tice, let fall the sentiment that the Revolution of February was a "dis- astrous catastrophe." The whole of the Opposition exclaimed at the ex- pression as an indignity to the Republic, and called on President Dupin to rebuke M. Rouher. M. Dupin refused, with such offensiveness of manner as to raise a new storm : ultimately he called M. de Girardin to order for the viblefice of his demonstrations. M. de Girardin entered the tribune pale with excitement : he declared that he would not sit in an assembly, in which the Revolution of February was stigmatized as disas- tnias to France ; and he called on the Opposition to resign en muse if the President should persist in the sanction of such unconstitutional lan- guage. His appeal being received with faint applause from the Left, and with ironical laughter from the Right, he rushed from the tribune, and wrote hastily something which was supposed to be his resignation. In the evening, a meeting of snore than two hundred of the Opposition met at li. Lemardelers, and agreed to a protest, which was handed in by M. Crimicax at next day's sitting. M. Dupin carried out his tactical war, by refusing on formal, grounds to receive the protest. The absence of

M. de Girardin was generally noted, but it does not appear that he re- signed.