13 MAY 1916, Page 1

Germany then goes on to say that, though she cannot

dispense with submarine warfare, which is directed against British illegality, she will make " a further concession." Submarine commanders shall, in fact, act in accordance with international law " both within and without the war zone " ; that is to say, no ship " anywhere " shall be sunk -without warning and without saving the lives of those on board, unless she attempts to escape or offers resistance. This promise, of course, provides unlimited opportunities for " errors " as it stands, but it is made altogether valueless by the fact that, even for what it is worth at its face value, it depends upon a con- dition. The condition is that America shall now " demand and insist that the British Government shall forthwith observe the rules of international law." Should America fail to observe this condition—the condition which America said in advance she could have nothing to do with—Germany will reserve to herself " complete liberty of decision."