13 MAY 1916, Page 11



Sra,—I am very much impressed by a letter in your issue of April 15th written by an Australian officer with the initials " A. I. F.," and dwelling on the neglect of our Government emphatically to proclaim the main object which the Allies have in view in the present world war. What- ever the conscientious objector may say, the householder is not only entitled but is bound to prevent his house from being broksa into by robbers, and whilst those robbers are in his home he cannot possibly treat with them. So soon as they leave his house the householder will be glad to listen to what they have to say in extenuation of their offence. He has no desire to annex either their land or their trade, and if they will abandon their infamous occupation and turn to honest industrious pursuits, he will be glad to assist them in every way. I quite agree with " A. I. F." that " to our true ease there is no possible answer." Even were the robbers to get the better of the householder, the cause for which the latter fights must of necessity eventually triumph, for the universe is ruled by the eternal laws of truth and justice.—I am, Sir, &c.,