13 MAY 1916, Page 3

The last message sent by General Townshend to General Lake

before the surrender of Kut was read by Lord Kitchener in the House of Lords on Thursday week. It was as follows " We are pleased to know that we have done our duty, and recognize that our situation is one of the fortunes of war. We thank you and General Gorringe and all ranks of the Tigris force for the great efforts you have made to save us." Lord Kitchener, in paying a tribute to General Townshend's splendid defence, confirmed the report that the Turkish commander, Khalil Bey, in admiration of that defence, had allowed General Townshend to keep his sword. Mr. Edmund Candler in a despatch published on Wednesday says that the Kut garrison was reduced to a daily ration of four ounces of flour and a piece of horseflesh. The garrison was burdened with six thousand native civilians, who dared not leave, as the Turks shot those who were caught trying to escape. It is a pleasure to record that the Turks have treated the surrendered garrison most chivalrously, distributing food as liberally as possible, and assisting the passage of the sick and wounded to the headquarters of the Tigris force.. It is believed that General Townshend with his A.D.C. and servant have been sent to Constantinople.