13 MAY 1916, Page 3

We deeply regret that we cannot find space to deal

at length with the very eloquent and moving speech as to Labour's stake in the war made by Mr. Hughes, the Prime Minister of Australia, at the patriotic Labour demonstration at Queen's Hall on Wednesday night, a demonstration arranged by the British Workers' National League. Mr. Hughes told his hearers that the issue of the war means life or death to Labour as well as to liberty. " It is the people's war. They alone can ensure victory, but victory can only be won by organization." Not only was everything in Mr. Hughes's speech marked by a deep sincerity, but there was much that was stimulating and suggestive in a high degree even to those who, like ourselves, cannot adopt all Mr. Hughes's economic conclusions. In one thing, however, we can agree with him abso- lutely—that " the welfare of the nation depends on its crop of men," and that what we want is "a numerous and virile people." As strongly do we embrace, endorse, and maintain his deriva- tive conclusion that this means " reasonable wages, secure employ- ment, and healthy labour conditions."