13 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4

Rights and realities

Sir: Having no interest in Mr Wilson's , views on even the weather, I did not listen to his broadcast. But against a background of government borrowings of £25 million a day I wonder how the magic figure of six pounds was arrived at. Does not economic logic dictate a policy of pay cuts?

Do all political parties now accept that wage levels, like supplementary benefits, are completely divorced from the economic value of the recipients' respective contributions to the wealth of the nation? That the individual, solely because he exists, has an inalienable right to the income that 'justice' dictates, whether he draws supplementary benefits, is merely on a payroll or actually works?

Presumably the government has contingency plans ready for the day when we are all living on supplementary benefits at a "socially just" level and in

SEITIeleetatOr September 13, 1975

subsidised council housing and finishing our education in time to draw our Pensions.

C. W. Bond 88 Lower Bristol Road, Weston-superMare, Avon