13 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4

Sir: Doesn't Mr M. J. Feaver know (August 30) that

The Spectator's magic is in priding itself on its courage to change its mind? Don't we read it for the pleasure of disagreeing and for knowing that our grumbles will be taken in good part?

It is sad that he is to forego the delight of Mr Kenneth Hurren's spritely writing and the kindly wit of Mr Glan Williams's art because you no longer fight against British membership of the Common Market — terrible thought that you should 'fight' against anything and how good, from my point of view, is your change of mood, for I am as bigoted in favour of Mr Heath as Mr Feaver is against him!

Daphne F. Boulden Salisbury House, 51 Strand Street, Sandwich, Kent.