13 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4

Sir: Most of The Spectator readers will comprise opinion leaders,

divers activists, the politically committed, with a very few truly detached intellectually. All publications such as yours, must inevitably expose a distinctive identity over time. It is just possible to maintain the kind of balanced debate mentioned by Lord Shinwell, but even then, there has to be a minimal image, perceived or projected.

It seems to me that The Spectator is hardly distinguishable from either the New Statesman and, believe it or not, the Tribune itself. The unifying thread is seen in a common parlance of trendy liberal humanism, as expressed through the arts and book criticisms in each. In my estimation all are puppets of the commercial /industrial complex. All advocate and comfort our modern nihilists, and all are rejected on that account.

The one feature standing to the credit of The Spectator is the practice of publishing the addresses of correspondents. That ought to be made compulsory for every paper, other than in exceptional circumstances.

Ted Spanswich 7 Alexandra Road, Casgwent, Gwent, Wales