13 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4

Tax protest

Sir: With the recent introduction of Capital Transfer Tax I have been reluctantly compelled to resign from the Revenue; I would appreciate your letting me say why through your columns.

This tax will destroy freedom. It will destroy private capital. Then there will be no money to publish, associate or organise; constitutional freedoms will be a dead letter. Within a generation it will have destroyed most private busirresses; so almost everybody will be employed by the State. So anybody whom the State does not like can be thrown on to the streets.

'. Second, it is immoral; it penalises family giving but not gambling nor selfish expenditure; it is anti-thrift.

Third, the duty in certain circumstances to inform the Revenue about somebody else's wrong CTT returns is typical of totalitarian government and alien to democracy.

Communists always attack the private sector to gain power. The Inland Revenue is now being used to bring about a Communist state in this country. I cannot and will not contribute to the achievement of such a despicable aim.

A. F. Newhouse 3 Haynes Close, Lee Terrace, London SE3.