13 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4

The Spectator

Sir: May 1 contribute three ayes,and one no after reading the Letters to the Editor (August 23) on how to improve the Spectator.

1. I agree with Lord Shinwell, who calls for articles from trade union leaders in support of their policies, motives and outlook. How great is the need for such enlightenment!

2. I agree with Mr Geoffrey Hubbard, who seeks a reduction in the number of diary features. Who cares but the writer and Lord So-and-So that the writer and Lord So-and-So gate-crashed the same cocktail party?

3. I agree with Mr R. M. Towes who decries the tradition of weekly articles whether there is anything to say or not. How about fortnightly contributions and doubling the number of topics?

4. But most importantly, on no account submit to Lord S hin well's request for more articles from financial experts. Saints preserve us from opinions from that opinionative flock of sheep! However, surely the Spectator knows that it is served by two of the sanest, wisest and most clear-thinking financial correspondents on either side of the Atlantic -in Nicholas Davenport and (all-too-infrequently) Charles Stahl, Dick Scott 2040 B,yrns Road; Kelowna, BC Canada