14 MARCH 1931, Page 47

General Knowledge Questions

Oun weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Question3 submitted is awarded this 4week to 3000 Austin, 34 Coleherne Road, Earl's Court, S.W. 10, for the following :—

-Questions on .Artists and -Poets from -BroWnin&

1. By whom was Neptune taming a seahorse cast in bronze 2. Who carved the face, of- the Riccardi's wife.? 3. Who possessed Raphael's book of sonnets ?

4. What name is gibbered by monkeys. and. macaques •? 5. Who worked pouring his soul with kings and popes to 6. Who was it Browning saw and named a star ? 7. Who loves to mass in rifts of heaven his angel faces

8. Who was born on the sixteenth day of Munchion month, wilf.1 Hellas fought at Salamis ?

9. Who was called Nature's ape and the world's despair for peerless painting . 10. Whom does Brovining make say : " In the face of my soul's works Your world is Worthless" ? 11. To which engravings does the speaker's crony pay the debt of wonder lie owes . _

12. Of whom was it said: " Brother Lorenzo standshis sinP peer "

13. Who sang a song where flute-breath silvers truinpet-cla Answers will be found on page 437.