14 MARCH 1958, Page 18

SIR,—As a writer of 'pop' fiction and as an avid

reader of women's magazines, I should like to reply to Lois Mitchison's question as to where their appeal lies. I am sure it is because all women worthy of the name are interested in the lives of other people and every character in each story is real for the period of reading.

To say that they are a waste of time is heresy indeed. How can it possibly be a waste of time to learn from experts hoW to look prettier, cook better and deal with a large number of the problems that everyday life-has to offer?

Possibly one woman in a thousand can afford to go to a beauty parlour, employ a cook and enjoys a life that has no problems. Women's magazines are not a means of escape from life, but a tremendous help towards enjoying it to the full.—Yours faithfully,


Hill Hall, Little Bardfield, Essex