14 MARCH 1958, Page 20

S1R,—Fr. Leetham speaks of 'the sneers' that are directed against

the Catholic Church as the normal stock in trade' of the Spectator. I have been a regular reader of the Spectator• for some years and cannot recollect any occasion when you have sneered at the Catholic Church. On the other hand, you have from time to time seen fit to criticise the Roman Catholic Church, a body which is not averse to belittling other branches of the Church, One is forever being con- fronted with newspaper advertisements proclaiming The Truth About The Catholic Church.' A Church which indulges in such question-begging must not complain if 'non-Catholics' contest its claims. This is a free country, a country where Roman Catholics are free to profess and call themselves 'The Catholics' and where members of the Church of England (and others) are free to resist the Church of Rome's bid to make itself undisputed 'king of the castle.'—Yours faithfully, J. W. KENNEDY

The Vicarage, Green Arbour Road, Thurcrof I, ds1r. Rotherham