14 NOVEMBER 1931, Page 15

BUY-BRITISH MOVEMENT [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—There are,

of course, a large number of small trades which, in the aggregate, if reasonably safeguarded, would afford a rapid decrease in both unemployment and imports. Many luxury imports can be produced in this country quite as good and cheaper than an imported article. One example is foreign mineral waters, both for table and medicinal use, the equivalent of which can be produced at Harrogate Malvern, &c., &c. Meantime, they are being imported in millions of bottles.

If the home market was reserved, our own spas could afford" to advertise " British " audit would then only remain for the public to follow the exhortations of the Prince, Prime Minister, Parliament and Press and Buy British."—I am, Sir, &c.,


Caverhill Lodge, Plough Lane, Purley, Surrey.

[We think this is an excellent suggestion and we hope that readers of the Spectator will patronize British mineral and medicinal waters.—En. Spectator.)