14 NOVEMBER 1958, Page 25

LO RD KITCHENER SIR, — professor D. W. Brogan is usually so fair-

Minded in his writings on the United States and France that his review on the Life of Lord Kitchener must surprise many of his admirers. He states that by 1914 Lord Kitchener was 'already a mastodon or ',Other primeval monster of the slime,' 1 served under and Kitchener when he was War Minister in 1915, '1„nd was Secretary of a Cabinet Committee of which i"e Was a member. He was most human in his deal- egs with me, apd many of us were profoundly Irieved when 'we heard of the loss of HMS liamp- fhete. I saw men like the late Lord Derby weep at ., tragedy. Men of long experience in public life ub not weep for T`mastodons. ' Surely Professor brogan was a trifle unfair?—Yours faithfully,

B. S. TOWNROE esfield, Yateky, near Camberley