14 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 21

IILIITS.S, , . On the 9d September, at Frankfort, .1.11,,

the Lady of the Hon. Colonel Cadogan,

Grenadier Guards;Uliti.;danghtet. ' ''' .

On the 4th M , thela ` , NeWbol.d.ort-Stour, the Wife of the Rev. R: Pritchard,

of a daughter. ,...f' ,-',,,..l■ r . • ',,. ( ( .• . .. On the 4th, at Badger iff,ctory, Salop, the Lady of the lies, T. P. Bodding,ton, of

a daughter. - •

"-On the 5th, in Old Builingten Street, the i.day Theresa Dighy, of a son. On the 7th1atStanleyfflo1F.Slisopshise, Mrs. Alfred Darby of a son. On the 7thtat the ylearage,Bruton,-Soutersut„the.Wife Mike Rev. James White,

of a son. —

On the 7th, at Brighton, the Wife of )3rigadier James Bell, commending the Northern Division of the Mddr.- Arely-,14f ir son. On the 8th,.4.,Sonthwold„th5Ladg of E. S. Gooch, Rsq.. M.P.. of a son. On the 8th; at the Vicarage, IlOraham, Sussex, the Wife of the Rev. J. F. llodg- son, of a daughter. On•the9theallferningfitnillou9e, WieWiekehi- , the Wife of Henry W. Allfrey, Esq.; ofa bon. f 7' • ,. . , .t --. , . . , ,., ,., ,,, ., , On the .11th,bit Ashley,Glinton, the Hon„,61211:-Erederick Clinton; of a son.

a‘...:" r i _1 .. ' MARRIAGES. •,,,,,f, Onthe 4th.41421, At Calenttal Midrafteravar46atthe 9.1d Cathedral. Robert Lewis William Reldelf-614-v.firsulf OW 40:Captain "Bones Littoid, of the II. E. L C. S., to Agnes Tester, youngetifiltatighte,r of ilif jatg 'AiiknYesMr, Esq., of South Andley. Street, London, On th SePtendAetilVtlitilsbeell, iii the Dutehy of Holstein, Crawshay Bailey, . ii7rg Esq.'; ,SheritrollIfonnionthshire, to Ann, Widow of the late William Bailey,

Esq., Of' • wieffilim,flient. On the,5th, at. St.,Nicholas, Guildford, George, youngest son of the late William

Manbes„..Eaq,af Mqatpelier Creseent, priAtton, to Georgiana, second daughter of Bear-Admiral Harper, CB., Of Giultford.- On the 10th, at St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square, Captain Ormsby Gore, Thir- teenth 'Light-DiagbOn0,, ALP.; foilhe county of Sligo, to Emily Charlotte, daughter of. Vice-Achritral Sir 0,1?;41eyrnour, G.C.II: On the',1(0.114. -Thognissill. Wakley, Elm,, E.B.,S., Surgeon to. the Royal Free Hospital, pf Guildfard,Strent . eldest son of, yhmusia Hakley. Esq., 14,P. for Fins- bury, of u4iifiaa I'ark,-941,41esea,, to Ilire.f,te- Anne, third daughter of Francis

Blake, Esq:,' Of CavendishReeitl,St.'Jobn' 61ird;and Money 11111, Herts. On the 10th, at Elkin, AbeideinitilihiPP:Evleorge Kemp; M.Ai'; Curate Of Si. Dionis Baokchunih, Londen;:to /inns:- Ma5triret21deSt daughter of the late John 'timer. Esq., of Tarnerllisil,Aberdeenahint::i - On the 12th., at St. Jautes:A Church, Westnalmster, Charles Robert Colvile, Esq., M.P. for South prlaysIti*, to the Hon. Katherine Sarah Georgians Russell, eldest daughter„of,f1tn,late Captain John Itinisell, R.N., and the Baroness de Clifford. , - ' DEATHS.

On the 2d September, at HamMersinith Ntm- Road, Mrs. Wilson, Relict of Thomas

Wilson; Esq,, formerly of Liverpeol; in her93d year.. ' On thedth, accident:KW:drowned in the Azun, nearArundel, Sussex, Thomas Hill, eldeat,son,rd Mr. G* Murphy, of Gloucester Road, Regent's Park; in his 14th

Year-,q, ...a.,.• _r_ . , Mt* On thelh, at Trial Go ge, Oxford, the Rev. James Ingram, DD., President

of that Satiety; in MS Sty year. On the 5th, in FritliStreeti• Soho, Mrs. W. Clifford, twenty-eight years a member of the Theatre RoyelHaisbarket. On the 9t11:41t Bembridge,TIsie,of Wight, the Hon. bliss Colman, Maid of Honour to her late Majesty gueep;Charlotte.