14 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 9

The General Committee of the Lancashire Public School Association "deliberated

in full assembly, last Tuesday, on the important business in- tended to come before the Educational Conference proposed to be held in October." After the reading of a vast number of interesting letters from persons of note adhering to the Lancashire scheme, it was moved by Dr. Beard—

"That, in the opinion of this meeting, it is expedient to make the Lan- cashire Public School Association a National Association, and to prepare an Education Bill for Parliament, based on the principles of the Association." Hr. Hodgson could not speak very confidently on the motion.

But he believed that the Educational Committee of the Privy Council were much dissatisfied with the present working of their system, and were con- scious of having irrevocably alienated the High Church party. If their sys- tem broke down, the Committee would be constrained to set up such a sys- tem as was advocated by the Association. Some of the more liberal friends of education in high places would not be unwilling that pressure from with- out should be applied to them ; as they could not be expected to introduce a liberal educational measure /to the present House of Commons, unless the opinion of the people in its favour were unequivocally expressed. Mr. Henry supported the motion ; and, expressing his strong convic- tion that the Association needs increased means, declared he would double his subscription. He referred to Mr. Fox's Education Bill, and explained, as President of the Association, that he had affixed his signature to the back of it with the object of raising discussions on the question. The minority who divided with Mr. Fox, though small, was highly intellec- tual, and composed generally of Members representing large and influen- tial constituencies ; and this was so far encouraging.

The motion was adopted without a dissentient voice. It was also re- solved, on the motion of Dr. Watts, seconded by Mr. M'Call- " That this meeting approves the scheme of the proposed conference ; and recommends the preparation of a permissive bill, to be introduced into Par- liament, in accordance with the principles of the Association ; and hereby pledges its hearty support, pecuniary and otherwise, in furtherance of the views of the Association, so as to induce the general adoption of its principles at as early a period as possible."