14 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 9

There are now no fewer than five candidates to fill

the vacant seat in Parliament for Poole. In addition to the three Members already enume- rated,—Mr. Seymour, the sole Liberal and Free-trade candidate, with Mr. Savage and Mr. Turner, the Protectionist Conservatives,—there have come forward a Captain Childers, who " hails " from Jersey, and repro- bates with all his force "the newly-promulgated idea that the people arc the source of power" ; and Mr. Adam Gordon, who writes from Scotland, and is said to have lately fallen into possession of very large pecuniary re- sources, refers to the "gentlemanly relations" which should exist between a representative and his electors. The constituency of the borough is 498. The late Conservative Member, Mr. Robinson, was a native of the town, and had extraordinary sources of influence besides his wealth ; but the influence of Sir Jolm Guest, who purchased the property of Mr. Ro- binson's friend, the Liberal Lord de Mauley, will now be thrown on the other side; therefore, if the Liberals be agreed among themselves, they fully expect success. The writ had not yet been received at Poole, but the election will probably take place about Thursday next.

Last night's Gazette contains the Speaker's notice of the issue of a writ, "at the end of fourteen days" after the 13th instant, to elect a new Member of Parliament for the county of Montgomery, in room of Mr. Charles Wynn, deceased.