15 AUGUST 1846, Page 12


ARRIVED—At Gravesend, Aug. 811, Kallabokka, Bayley, from Bengal ; 9th, North Briton, Head, from Van Diemen's Land ; 10th, Andromache, Skelton, from Ceylon ; 11th, Ben Nevis, Nicol, from Ceylon ; 12th, Surprise, Miller, from New South Wales ; 14th, Bolton, Davidson, from Bombay; 15th, Warren Hastings, Mason, from Bengal ; Elora, Turnbull, from Port Phillip; Brunette, Cousens, from Ceylon ; and Richard, Ed- wards, from Mauritius. At Liverpool, 9th, Dorothy, Brown, from China; and 10th, Windsor Castle, Reid, from Bombay. At Bombay, previous to June 19th, Kilblain, Shaw ; and Lady Nugent, Parsons, from London ; Bahamian, Hawking ; W. Parker, Stratton; Duke of Wellington, Berman; and Baboo, Barker, from Liverpool ; and Rokeby, Trotter, from Newcastle. At Madras, June 19th, Tulloch Castle, Stamp. At Bengal, previous to June 18th, Plantagenet, Bird; Malacca, Shettler ; Tartar, oregson; Blundell, Daniel; HersUla, Baxter ; and Charles Jones, Clarkson. from Lon- don ; Princess Royal, Clark, from Liverpool; and Majestic, Brown, from the Clyde. At New South Wales, March 29th, Sunflower, Forester, from Liverpool.


AIIIVID—In the Downs, Childe Harold, Lilly, from Bombay ; Alexander, Wightman. from Bengal; and Carona, Woodman, from Ceylon. Off Falmouth, Templar, Brown from Now South Wales,