15 AUGUST 1846, Page 12

The visitors to the Princess's Theatre have been amused by

the produc- tion of a little farce called The Barber Bravo. The principal character, which is played by Mr. C. Mathews is a smart, bustling, Italian barber, whom a princess secretly abducts, because she has red hair and thinks he can dye it black; while her husband, the prince, mistakes him for a bravo, and hires him in that capacity. The false position in which he is placed, increased by his belief that the princess is enamoured of him, creates all sorts of ludicrous misunderstandings; the most amusing of which is that in one capacity he is ordered to assassinate himself in the other. There is an attempt to connect the plot of the piece with the invention of hair- powder; but with what success, those who have studied the history of that singularly useless article must decide.