15 AUGUST 1846, Page 20


On the 6th August, at Titlington Hall, Northumberland, the Wife of W. J. Pawsou, Esq., of a son.

On the 7th, at Cosgrove, the Lady Maria Ponsonby, of a son.

On the 7th, at Eagle House, Enfield Highway, the Wife of the Rev. John Fuller Rus-

sell, of a son.

On the 8th, In Mycldleton Square, the Lady of Dr. Golding Bird, of a daughter. On the 8th, at Rutland Gate, the Countess of Bective, of a daughter. On the 9th, at Brighton, the Lady Louisa Moncrieffe, of a daughter.

On the Ilth, in Brunswick Square, Brighton, the Lady of the Rev. Dr. Morris, of a


On the 12th, In Eaton Place, the Lady of Captain Robert Russell, R.N., of a son.

On the 12th, in Upper Grosvenor Street, the Hon. Mrs. Ker, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. On the 28th July, at Celbridge, Ireland, Lard Langford, to Louise Augusta, daughter Of the Hon. Colonel Conolly, M.P. On the 6th August, at Wallasey Church, Cheshire, Simon York, Esq., of Gadffigg, NW., to Victoria Mary Louisa, second daughter of Colonel the Hon. Sir Edward and Lady Cast.

On the 6th, at the Collegiate Church, Sonthwell, George Hill, Esq., third son of James Haydock HUI, Esq., of Berry 11111, Nottingham, to Georgina Marian, fourth daughter of the Venerable George Wilkins, D.D., Archdeacon of Nottingham.

On the 7th, at Edinburgh. John Morison, Esq., Dundee, to Anna, eldest daughter of Sir James Douglas Hamilton Hay, Bart.

On the 8th, at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, Arthur Murray, Esq., Sixty-second Regiment, son of the late Lieutenant-General John Murray, to Laura Montague, youngest daughter of J. M. Reynolds, Esq., of Brompton. Ole the 11th, at St. Marylebone Church, the Rev. Watson Boller Pole, Rector of X7PFer dwell and Condleote, third son of Charles Pole, Esq, of Wych 11111 House,

Gloucestershire, to Matilda, daughter of Sir Peter Pole, Bart., of Todenham, In the same county.

On the 11th, at Turista, Kent, the Rev. Edward Kaye Burney, M.A., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, son of the Venerable Archdeacon Burney, to Emily fluid- bells, daughter of the late Rev. George Moore, Canon of Canterbury.

On the 11th, at Freshwater, Isle of Wight, John Duke Coleridge, Esq., eldest son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge, to Jane Fortesene, third daughter of the Rev. G. T. Seymour, of Farringford, Isle of Wight.

On the 12th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, to Elizabeth, daughter of Major-General A'Court, of Amington Hall, Warwicksidre. DEATHS.

On the 18th July, near Ancona, in Italy, the Abbe Chevalier Thomas Stewart, fourth son of the late Sir George Stewart, Bart., of Grandtully.

On the 3d August, at Tapton House, Derbyshire, Elizabeth, the Wife of George Stephenson, civil engineer ; in her 67th year.

On the 7th, In Guildford Street, Russell Square, William Kirby, Esq. ; in his 90th year. On the 7th, in Euston Place, Major-General Edward Boardman, of the Hon. East India Company's service ; In his 74th year.

On the 8th, at Glasnevin House, Dublin, the Hon. and Right Rev. Charles Lord Bishop of Kildare ; In his Nth year.

On the 9th, at Bognor, Elizabeth, Relict of the late Sir Bentinck Cavendish Doyle, Knight, Captain RN.; in her 53d year.

On the 9th, at Kensington Gore, Thomas Fraser Barclay, Esq., of the Middle Temple, and late of Tavistock Square, in his 24th year.

On the 13th, at Hertford, Robert Ward, Esq., father of H. G. Wail, Esq., M.P.