15 AUGUST 1846, Page 20


Tuesday, Aug. 11.


Ray and Wynne, Stoke-upon-Trent,' manufacturers of china-Steele and Co. Stoke- upon-Trent, manufacturers of earthenware-C. and A. Crawford, Hulme, confectioners -Hadfield and Sharrocks, Manchester, machine-makers-Withers and Co. Briiitpl, hat-manufacturers-A. and S. Sparks, Preston, china-dealers-J. and T. B. Creed, Sampson's Gardens, St. George-In-the-East, lightermen-Sanderson and Murray, Upper Thames Street, wine-merchants-J. and IV. Woodyatt, Witten' Cheshire, joiners-T. and H. Houlden, Liverpool, plumbers-Barrand and Welch, Whitefrifirg New Wharf, Temple, coal-merchants-Boyle and Worsley, Manchester, brewerg-- Howell and Warren, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, surgeons-TYncrall and Co. Birmingham, attornies ; as far as regards W. Tyndall-Garbett and Dulling, Welling- ton, Shropshire, attomies-Ramsey and Co. Manchester, printers ; as far as regards J. Turner and R. Williamson-Langley Field Colliery Company, Dawley, ShiopshireW. G. Harden and E. Howard, Benenden, Kent, farmers-Smith and Co. Nottingham, corn-factors-Prole and Co. Dunster Court, Mincing Lane, wine-merchants-Horwoixt and Monkman, Oldham, millwrights-KInneir and Blundell, Cirencester, surgeons- Bickford and Bickham, Reading, brewers-Parkinson and Peek, Manchester, joiners- Forre_s and Hawes, Piccadilly, shirtmakers-Nichols and Hepworth, Knottingley, York- shire, printers-Powell and Co. Manchester, spindle-manufacturers---Brooke and Co. Birmingham, nickel-refiners-Lazarus and Meyer, Mansel Street, Goodman's Fields,. wine-merchants-Dyson and Jackson, Leeds, corn-millers-Green and Warren, Cuisitor Street, Chancery Lane, sword-cutlers.


MOLYNEUX, W., Sandwich, Kent, Innkeeper. .

Renner>, T., Croydon Common, baker.


JOHN., Manchester, painter, to surrender Aug. 22, Sept. 12: solicitors,. Messrs. Cornthwaite and Adams, Old Jewry Chambers; -Mr. Pemberton, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester.

HATWARD, JAMES, and ADAM, Davin, Paternoster Row, booksellers, Aug. 22, Sept. 29: solicitor, Mr. Jerwood, Thavies Inn ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street- MITCHEL, WILLIAM, Westerbam, draper, Aug. 19, Sept. 19; solicitor, Mx. Ashurat, Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aidennaabury.

MORTIMER, WILLIAM HENRY, Lower Harley Street, wood-paviour, Aug. 20, Sept. 25 : solicitor, Mr. Berry, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street, PARNELL, Harsay, Moorgate Street Chambers, auctioneer, Aug. 20, Sept. 25: solici- tor, Mr. IVarrand, Skinner Street ; official assignee, Mr. Wibitmore„ Basinghall Street.

TUNLET, WILLIAM, and Porrs, RICHARD SMITH, Old Change, carriers, Aug. 19, Sept. 18: solicitor, Mr. Farrar, Doctor's Commons ; official assignee, Alsager, Birchin Lane.

TURNER, Joszen, Ludgate Hill, jeweller, Aug. 21, Sept. 25: solicitor, 31r. Fawcett, Jewin Street, Cripplate ; official assignee, Sir. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. Smarr, ALEXANDER, and Dorms, THOMAS, Liverpool, merchants, Aug. 21, Sept. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Baxendale and Co. Great Winchester Street ; Messrs. Shackleton and Co. ; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool.


Sept. 4, Lewis, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, draper-Sept. I, Elwell, West Brom- wich, iron-founder.

CERTIFICATES To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Sept. 3, Rolfe, Great Marlborough Street, tailor-Sept. 3, Felthouse, Fulham, plumber -Sept. 3, Philp, Bristol, stationer-Sept. 7, Smith, Bristol, grocer-Sept. 4, Pearson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fellmonger-Sept. 4, Hare, Liverpool, tallow-chandler-Sept. I, Llanrwst, Denbighshire, apothecary-Sept. 4, Scott, Sheffield, flour-dealer- Sept. 15, Holt, Castle Donlngton, Leicestershire, glove-manufacturer-Sept. 15, Long- field, West Bromwich, tallor-Sept. 2, Buttrey, Manchester, commission-agent-Sept. 3, Kirk, Salford, stock-broker.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before September 1.

Eicke, Rotherhithe, railway-spike-manufacturer-W. and T. Edmond, Liverpool, merchants-Rudman, Bath, oliman-Capleton, Cheltenham, tea-dealer-.Tohnson, Mal- don, corn-dealer-Allen, York, apothecary-31111er, Witittlebury Street, Hampstead Road, painter-Harding senior, Johnson Street, Westminster, mason-Best, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwell, printer.


Giro, 8roorgate street, merchant; first div. of 5s. Aug. 12, 13, 14, 13; Mr. Mager, Dirchin Lane-Harley, Penzance; hatter; first div. of 75d. any day after Aug. 15; Mr. Hernanian, Exeter-Staples, Bristol, surgeon ; div. of Si. Aug. 12, or any Wednesday after Oct. 3; Mr. Miller, Bristol-Gore, Cheltenham, Innkeeper; div. of 3:. Id. Aug. 12, or any Wednesday after Oct. 3; Mr. Stiller, Bristol-Fitzjamea, Bath, ftarrier ; first div. of Is. 94d. Aug. 12, or any Wednesday after Oct. 3; Mr. Miller, Bristol-Hansen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant ; second div. of Is. on Thursday and Saturday next, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Wakiey, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Kearton, Lamb Street, Spital Square, cheesemonger ; div. 01 3:. Aug. 13; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms 'Yard-Smith junior, Lime Street, shipowner; div. of 4td. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Burbidge senior, Tysoe Street, ClerkenwelL cabinet-maker ; div. of 20s. Wednesday, Thursday, and Fri- day next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Funrival, Ketter- tug, com-dealer ; div. of bd. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Perkins, North Place, Gray's Inn Lane, jeweller ; div. of Is. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Oldham, Wood Street, sllk-warehouseman ; div. of 4d. Wed- nesday, Thursday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Harding senior, Vincent Square, mason ; div. of Si. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Hay, London Road, oilman ; div. of 4s. 6d. Wednesday, Thiffsday, and Friday next, or any Friday after Oct. 3; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Taylor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer; first div. 017s. 6d. Aug. 15, or any Saturday after Oct. 3; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne -S and J. Burton, Hull, chemists ; first div. of Si., and first tin'. of 0:. Bd. on S. Burton's separate estate, Aug. 12, or any Wednesday after Oct. 3; Mr. Kynaston, Hull-J., L., and J. R. Cousen, Bradford. Yorkshire, worsted-spinners ; first div. of 5s. any Tuesday before Aug. 17, or after Oct. 3; Mr. Kynaston, Leeds.


CLELAND, W., Edinburgh, stock-broker, Aug. 14, Sept. 9. HISLOP, T., Alloa, grocer, Aug. 15, Sept. 5.

STEWART, A., Redgorton, Perthshire, farmer, Aug. 17. Sept. 14.. STIRLING, P. and J., Edinburgh, stable-keepers, Aug. 17, Sept. 10.

Friday, Aug. 14.


011iver and Head, Brighton, builders-Tucker and Harrison, Halifax, surgeons-- Roberta and /*Mellen, New Bond Street, dressmakers-West Auckland Brewery, Com- pany; as far as regards J. Oliver-Wllietts and Co. Bllston, Staffordshire, do-makers- Allen and Tindall, Chancery Lane, law-stationers--Baxter and Roberts, Manchester, rulers-W. C. and J. J. Gray, Bridge Road, Lambeth, ollmen-Newhouse and Son, Fox Hill Bank, Lancashire, drapers-Shelton and Co. Nottingham, hoslers-Leigh and War- den, St. Decumans, Somersetshire, attoruies-at-law-Forrest and Walter. Earl Street, Blackfriars, corn-merchants-A. A. and E. D. Mence, Argyle Street, Regent Street, milliners-Bonen and Co. llinniugham, Iron-founders-Carr:di and Co. Strand, advertis- ing-agents-Gardner and Co. King Street, Snow Hill, wholesale ironmongere-J. and T. M'Master, Abergavenny, drapers-W. .J. and F. P. Bayes, Ciapton Square, chemists- Adcock and Son, Watford, woollen-drapers-Wood and Borman, Featherstone Street, City Road, booksellers-Lowry and Brown, Liverpool, general-brokers-Knight and Co. Little Saffron Hill-Major and Wallace, Cotton's Wharf, Tooley Street, merchants-T. and A. Brereton, Halton, maltaters-Mida and Jay, Northumberland Wharf, Blackwell, coal-merchants-Perry and Jackson, Wombourne, Staffordshire, corn-dealers-Com- mercial Life Assurance Company of Scotland.


DAY, F., and DEACON, T. E., Hemel Hempstead, brewers.

SoLoaros, J., Exeter, outfitter.


Bram Joust, Hull, tailor, to surrender Aug. 26, Sept. 16 solicitors, Mr. Hiatt, Gray's Inn ; Mr. Galloway, Hull; official assignee, Mr. Kynaston, Hull.

BLOOMFIELD jun., JOSEPH BasT10., Poole, chemist, Aug. 28, Sept. 25: solicitor, Mr. Knight, Itasingball Street ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. BROWNE, Tnonss, Southampton, hatter, Aug. 26, Sept. 19; trolicitor, Mr. Lloyd, Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court.

CRANE, THOMAS, Kegworth, Leicestershire, brewer, Sept. 1, 29: solicitor, Mr. James, Birmingham; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

ENGLAND, GEORGE, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, clothier, Aug. 27, Oct. 2: solicitor, Mr. Paris, Stroud; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

HOLMES, FRANCIS and JAMES, SouthrowiL Suffolk, ship-builders, Aug. 28, Oct. 2: solicitor, Mr. Storey, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane, KNIGHT, THOMAS URIAH, Gravesend, grocer, Aug. 24, Sept. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Coombe and Jones, Church Court, Clement's Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Brudnghall Street.

NAILER, ROBERT, Marlborough, victualler, Aug. 31, Sept. 29; solicitors, Messrs. Illawer and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Mr. Nash, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acre- man, Bristol.

OLLAan, WILLIAM LUDLAM, Upwell, Cambridgeshire, auctioneer, Aug. 22, Sept. 25: solicitor, Mr. Hensman, Basing Lane ; official assignee, Mr. adsager, Birchin Lane. OXTOBY, ROBERT and WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER, Wansford, Yorkshire, millers. Sept. 2, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Capes and Co. Gray's Inn ; Mr. Robinson, Beverley ; Mr. Bell, Hull; official assignee, Mr. Kynaston, Hull.

PRICE, Jeans MEAD, Warminster, innkeeper, Aug. 28, Sept. 25; solicitor, Mr. Stew- art, New Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchln Lane.

MAK1NS, WILLIAM THOMAS, and PUCKERING, SIMON, HUB, woollen-merchants, Aug. 26, Sept. 16: solicitors, Mr. LInklater, Leadenhall Street ; Mr. Ayre jun., Hull ; official aulgtree, Mr. Kynaston, Hull.

Sraarrast, J01114 WILLIAM, March, Cambridgeshire, tailor, Aug. 28, Sept. 25: Messrs. Meredith and Co. Lincoln's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Abuser, BIrchin Lane.

TAYLOR, CruatEs, Birmingham, brush-manufacturer, Aug. 29, Sept. 17: solicitors, Mr. Iylmey, Chancery Lane; Mr. Wright, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whit- more, Birmingham.


Sept. 4, Pitsch, Saekville Street, tailor-Sept. 10, Cutcliffe, Pilton, Devonshire, sur- geon-Sept. II, Jackson, Halifax, cotton-spinner-Sept. 22, J. and Z. Wilkinson, Brad- ford, Yorkshire, worsted stufr-manufacturers-Sept. II, Boole, Sheffield, leather-dresser.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. Sept. 15, Blackburn, Birstall, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer-Sept. 5, Soul, Taber- nacle Walk, bookseller-Sept. 8, Pitt, Bristol, victualler-Sept. 8, Bradley, Leeds, flax- spinner-Sept. 8, Smith, Wellington Street, Newington Causeway, cheesemonger- Sept. 11, Wood, Liverpool, fiat rope-manufacturer--Sept. 17, Bury, Handswortb, Staf- fordshire, surgeon-Sept. 8, Irvbie, Liverpool, ironmonger-Sept. 15, (lover, Stoke- upon-Trent, victualler-Aug. 17, Taylor, Worcester, share-broker.

lb be granted unless cause-be shown to the contrary on or before Sept. 4.

Collins, Rugby, tailor-Taylor, Liverpool, merchant-Holmes, Poplar, brewer-Had- 4a3, Tottenham, brewer-Suckling, Birminghani, ironmonger.


Hook, Nine Elms, contractor; second div. of is. 64.1. any Wednesday; Mr. Whit- more, Basingball Street-Gllpin, Villiers Street, Strand, clothier; sixth div. of 90. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Lathbury. Burton-upon-Trent, mercer; fourth div. of Is. 5d. on Thursday next, or any Thursday after Oct. 3; Mr. Christie, Birmingham-Waters, Queen Row, Pimlico, dealer In paintings ; first div. of Is. sid. any Wednesday ; Sir. Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Cooper, Stoney Lane, Southwark, wheelwright; second div. of Gld. any Wednesday; Mr. Whitmore, Basing- hall Street-Buttner, Hartlepool, merchant ; first and final div. of 6d. and 2-3ds of a let, any Saturday after Oct. 3; Mr. Baker Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Cooper, Bury St. Edmund's, hard nwareme ; first div. of Si. 64. on Saturday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 31; Mr. Green, Aidermanbury-Frost, Grafton Street, goldsmith; final div. of lid. on Saturday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 31 ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury- Berry, Paddington, draper; first div. 01 3: 10d on Saturday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 31 • Mr. Green, Aidermanbury-J. and J. It. Reay, Mark Lane, wine-mer- chants; second div. of Is. 6d., and first div. of 25. 6(1. on J. Reay's separate estate, on Saturday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 31; Mr. Green, AlderManbary-Arnat, Ox- ford, baker; final div. of lid. on Saturday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 131; Mr. Green, Aldermaubury.


BINICIE, R., Grahamston, Falkirk, merchant, Aug. 21, Sept. 11. Baowa, J., Glasgow, share-broker, Aug. 19, Sept. 9.

Omura°, W., Portree, merchant, 24, Sept. 14. EWING junior, J, Glasgow, flusher, Aug. 21, Sept. II. IlActutair, W., Dundee, merchant, Aug. 22, Sept. 12. Ocdt, W, and APADLLArr, W., Aberdeen, watchmakers, Aug. 19, Sept. S.

. • .