15 JUNE 1850, Page 1

The same restless dissatisfaction with compromises between right and wrong,

the same indistinct perception of necessities, and the same want of will, which happen so generally to characterize what has passed in Parliament this week, are also seen in the few events of a political bearing out of doors. The Protectionists of Market H_arborough, for example, have resorted to a step that would, be striking if it could become national or had any definite aim—the levying of "a halfpenny rate " : but it will lead to nothing, be- yond the collection of pence and the spending of pounds. A. like unsettlement and indeterminate mood are betrayed by the state of the still-vexed Gorham question : the Court of Exchequer has granted a rule to hear arguments on the issue of a prohibition to day the Court of Arches in carrying out the judgment of the Privy Council; the Court of Queen's Bench has granted a writ to expe- dite the proceedings of the dilatory Archbishop ; and a great meet- ing is announced for the 27th, to rake up the whole subject again, by petitioning for a better ecclesiastical court of appeal and a re- newal of Convocation. It is all stir and litigation, with no con- clusion.