15 JUNE 1850, Page 10

The overland mail has v arrived today, bringing news from

Bombay to the 11th May, and from Hongkong to the 24th April. The steamer started four days earlier than usual, to avoid the adverse monsoon ; but by chance had a fair wind all the way, and made the remarkably rapid rate of 290 miles a day from Calcutta to Sues. The mail, however, brings no news of interest, save a rumour from China that the young Emperor's life has been attempted by his uncle. India is tranquil throughout, the .Affreedies quiet, and the talk again reviving of Sir Charles Napier's speedy return—" positively in October next," as the present story goes. Sir Jam- setjeeJejecboy, the Parsec knight, has just returned from a visit to his native place, Nowsaree, where he has bestowed endowments to the extent of 47,0001. —making more than 300,000/. similarly given by him from his personal accumulations within the past twenty years.