15 JUNE 1850, Page 10



The business transacted in the English Funds at the beginning of the week was unimportant The settlement of the Consol Account was on Wednesday, and the books of the Three per Cent Consols dosed yesterday ; consequently some bustle was apparent in the market, and some influential sales occurred. Notwithstanding these operations, Consols advanced about f per cent, and were this morning firm at the improved quotation. The sales already alluded to were repeated today ; and the price or Consols, which had reached. 96 1, ex-dividend, equivalent to a quotation with dividend of Wit closes at 94 96 ex-dividend, or 971 1 with dividend. The "continuation," or premium paid for carrying over Stock from Wednesday to the July. Account, was only 1 percent; which, allow- ance being made for the Income-tax, is equal to an interest of about 21. per cent per annum upon the capital employed. Money is rather more in demand, and the rate of interest upon loans for short periods is from 2 to 3 per cent.

The transactions of the Foreign Market have been rather more important than usual. Russian Four-and-a-half per Cent Stock and Scrip have been in demand, the former at 961, the latter at 3i premium. Dutch Four per Cents have advanced from 1 to I per cent ; but the Two-and-a-half Cents have not improved materially, the highest price reached being Portuguese Four per Cents are firmer, in the almost total absence of

new. The Dutch Committee of Spanish Bondholders have received a com- munication from Madrid to the same effect as that recently made to the London Committee,—namely, to request the presence in Madrid of an agent accredited by the Bondholders to negotiate with the Government upon the subject of the Stock. At the meeting of the London Bondholders held on Monday last, it was determined to appoint Mr. Weisweiller, the agent of Messrs. Itothschilds at Madrid, to represent the interests of the English cre- ditors in the pending treaty. The English -Committee have not in the mean time been inactive. Lord Palmerston has been addressed, invoking the aid of the Government on this question, and a deputation of the Committee is to attend the Foreign Secretary by appointment Spanish Stock, however, has improved but slightly, and the intelligence of the defeat of the American expedition to Cuba has not produced any material effect upon prices. Mexi- can Stock has been steady between 311 and 32, and doses this afternoon at 311 I. The transactions in the South American Bonds have been unimpor- tant.

The Share Market is firmer than last week; the advance upon the more important Shares being from 1/. to 21., while in the minor varieties the quo- tations of last week are generally supported. But there has not been any very large amount of business, and nothing liken revival of the spirit of in-

vestment or speculation can be noticed. SATURDAY TWELVE O'CLOCK.

The English Funds are firm at the closing prices of yesterday; Consols continuing steady at the opening price of 9,5/ 96, with but little doing. The only variation in the Foreign Market is in Mexican and Spanish Stock, both of which are slightly firmer, the former being 3112, while of the latter the Active are 171 181 and the Tlnee per Cents 3819. The business of the morning has been unimportant. Nothing worth recording has occurred in the Railway Share Market. SATURDAY Two o'CLomr.

The English Funds close at the morning's quotations ; the business trans- acted has been so unimportant that not the slightest variation in price has occurred during the whole day, and the closing price of Consols being the same as that at which they stood at the opening of the market, 95/ 96. The transactions in the Foreign Market have been equally insignificant; the fol-

fol- lowing being the record of businessactually occurring—Brazilian, 88; Equa- der, 3 ; Grenada, 181 ; Ditto Deferred, ; Mexican, 311 ; Peruvian, '771 ; Spanis Active, 18 171 - Venezuela Deferred, 11 1; Dutch Two-and-a- half per Cents, 57.1 57; Ditto Four per Cents, 87. The transactions in Railway Shares, though of a general character, have not induced any material change in prices. The aspect of' the market is not quite so firm as it was yesterday. The following are the principal bargains recorded—Aberdeen, 81; Chester and Holyhead Preference, 61; Eastern Counties New Preference 6 per Cent 111; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 27_1; Great Southern and Western, (Ireland,) 30; Great North of England, 229 ; Great Western, 59; Lancashire and Yorkshire, Fifths, 2; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 8344 London and North-western, 1094 ( 4; Ditto, New Quarter-shares, 124 a ; London and South-western, 64; Midland, 374 8; Ditto 501. Shares, 344; North British, 7f ; Ditto Preference, 6; North Staffordshire, 74 4 ; South-eastern and Dover, 15; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 154 4 ; Ditto Extension 104; Ditto G. N. E. Purchase or Prefer- once, 244; York and North Midland, 1744; Ditto Preference, 71; Northern of Franco, 134; Orleans and Bordeaux, 244; Paris and Rouen, 22; Tours and Nantes, 14.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduoed 31 per Cents shut

951 6

... 96 98 8 3-11 f Danish 3 per Cents

Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents

Mexican 5 per Cents 1846

71 3 57 1 asi 7 31f 2

Long Annuities

Peruvian 6 per Cents 77 8 Bank Stock 207 8a Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842 . 34 5 Exchequer Bills 68 71 pm. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824 . 83 5 India Stock shut Russian .5 per Cents 108 9 Brazilian 3 per Cents 87 89 Spanish -(Active) 5 per Cents . Ilf a Belgian 44 per Cents 87 89

Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 ass 9

Chilian 6 per Cents 97 9 Venezuela 31 3 Danish 5 per Centa 979 '