15 JUNE 1850, Page 11

The French piece Us Mari Anonyme, a version of which

was produced at the Lyceum a season or two ago has been again adapted for the Hay- market, where it is played as None6ut the Brave Deserve the liar. his just the sort of piece which critics refer instinctively to Don Cesar de Bases, that drama having been the most popular of its class. I political fugitive Uncle it necessary to assume the character of another personage in order to save his life, and even to marry a lady to keep up the delusion. This marriage, which is one of expediency in the strictest sense of the word, changes to one of affection ; and our hero comes out strongly in vindicating the honour of his wife against the dishonourable advances of the King. Com- plicated intrigue, reckless audacity, and high-toned Peninsular honour, are the elements of the story. It is a very pretty piece of Bazanism ; and, thanks to the spirit with which it is played by Webster, Buckstone, and Miss Reynolds, it has proved highly successful.