15 JUNE 1850, Page 12

A view of the Alps, modelled and painted by the

Messrs. Denson, and enlivened by the representation of Napoleon and his army, threading their way among the passes, is the seasonal feature of the Royal Surrey Zóölo- gical Gardens. Seen by daylight, and without the accessories of moving figures and the corruseation of fireworks, the allusion is pleasing, and the idea of distance and of snow-clad summits is well conveyed. Greater height in the mountainous region would have been desirable. When in full blaze, the absence of living soldiers- detracts from the effect of the warlike movement; but the glories of the feux d'artifice go far to supply all deficiencies. Jullion's band is in full force; and the menagerie has received several interesting additions—some the gift of the Queen, and the rest acquhed by purchase.