15 JUNE 1850, Page 15

IS PURE WATER IT FOR DRINK? nth June. Sax—There is

on every side a dead sot made at "hard" wat r, and in all the projects for the Water-supply of London that seems to be most approved which offers water the most free from limo. Would it not be desirable before coming to a decision on the means of supply, to have it. well ascertained whether pure water, or water free from lime, DJ in reality adapted to the purposes of life ? Surely, Nature, who rarely errs, is deserving of some con- sideration; and when we find that the spring-water sheprovides is invariably impregnated mere or less with solid as well as with gaseous matters, we ought

to pause before we condemn such additions as 'prejudicial to health. I believe it will be found that the lime in water contributes essentially to supply the substance of the bones, and that it thus forms unimportant part of the nutri- ment of animals; in the same manner as riles has been found to constitute an essential part of the nutriment of plants. The drink supplied by-Nature is not, indeed, well suited for artificial che- mical processes; but let us not condemn it altogether and unheard because it ails to make good tea and occasions a waste of soap.