15 JUNE 1850, Page 15

Krttrro to t4r nitur.


Sin—For the interpretation of the exiating documents of our Church, a tribunal composed of lawyers seems best fitted.

But if it should seem desirable to compose any new documents, might not a hody of divines be selected for that purpose in the following manner ? Let the Bishops choose four, the Clergy four, and the Lay Communicants four. Every voter in each of these three bodis to be able to vote for only one candidate • and all the representatives to be ecelmiasties.

Probable result—

Representatives of Bishops-1 Traetarian, 1 High Church Quietist, 1 Libe- ral, 1 Evangelical. Representatives of Clergy-1 Traetarian, 2 High Church Quietists, 1 Evangelical.

Representatives of Laity-1 Tractarian, 1 Quietist, 2 Evangelicals. Let this body be empowered to compose now documents, provided only that not a single word be added which is objectml to by any three out of the twelve.

So the Church of England would have some more great principles, 'broad/Jr stated, which, like her present Articles, would serve as landmarks to guide, but not as prison-walls to confine the thoughts of men.