15 JUNE 1850, Page 20


On the 4th June, at Herbertshire Castle, Stirlingshire, the Wife of captain John Russell, R.N., of a son.

On the 7th, at Malin Castle, the Wife of R. G. Lumley, Esq., of a son and heir. On the 7th, in Grosvenor Square, the Countess of Galloway, of a daughter. On the 8th, at Tortworth, the Hon. Mrs. Percy Moreton, of a son. On the 8th, at Chettle Lodge, Cranborne, Dorset, the Wife of Captain Douglas Curry, R.N., of a son. On the 8th, the Lady of the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, of a daughter. On the 9th, at Shipley Parsonage, Sussex, the Wife of the Rev. Francis Bourdillon, of a daughter.

On the 10th, at HaterVille, near Esher, the Hon. Mrs. Oliver William Lambart, of 6500. On the 10th, the Wife of William Longman, Esq., of 36, Hyde Park Square, of a daughter.

On the 10th, at Micklefield Hall, the Wife of Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq., of a ion. On the 11th, at Bradenham Hall, Norfolk, the Wife of William Haggard, Esq., of a eon. On the 11th, at Wenning,ton Hall, Lancashire, the Wife of W. A. F. Saunders, Esq., of a son. On the 14th, at St. Leonard's Dale, near Windsor, the Hon. Mrs. Tottenham, of a daughter.


On the 4th June, at Elton, Durham, the Rev. Henry Maister, of New Inn Hall, Oxford, M.A., eldest son of Colonel Master, of Winestead, in Holderness, to Grace eldest daughter of George William Sutton, Esq., of Elton Hall, in the county of Durham. On the 4th, at St. Paul's Chapel, Edinburgh, Edward Hunter Blair, Esq., of Dun- skey and Brownhill, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late George Wauchope, Esq. On the 8th, at Glendermott Church, county of Londonderry, George Courtney Vialls, Esq., of the Ninety-fifth Regiment, youngest son of the late Rev. Thomas Vialls, to Sophia Louisa, youngest daughter of Sir Henry Thomas Oakes, Bart. On the 11th, at Leamington, Arthur Moubray Cochrane, Esq., youngest son of the late Hon. Archibald Cochrane, Captain R.N., and nephew of the Earl of Dun- donald, toMary Malonek, youngest daughter of the late John Michael Malonek, Esq. On the 13th, at All Saints', Leamington, the Rev. Richard Cowley Powlei, Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College, Oxford, to Mary, daughter of the late George Chester, Esq., of the H. E. I. Company's Bengal Civil Service.


On the 28th April,. at Vienna, the Hon. Frances Gabrielle Talbot, sister of Lord Talbot de Malahide, Countess of the Austrian Empire and Chanoinesse of the Royal Order of St. Anne of Munich.

On the 29th May, at Rome, R. J. Wyatt, Esq., sculptor. On the 29th, at Geneva, Richard Edensor Heathcote, Esq., of Longton Hall, and of Apedale Hall, Staffordshire ; in his 70th year. On the 5th 'June, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas George Fitzgerald, of Turlough Park, county Mayo.

On the 5th, at Testwood, Anne, Widow of the Right Hon. William Sturges Bourne ; in her 75th year.

On the 6th, in Royal Circus, Edinburgh, Lady Eliott, Relict of the late Sir William Eliott, Bart., of Stobs.

On the 6th, in Westbourne Street, Hyde Park Gardens, the Hon. Amelia Louisa Noel Hill, youngest sister of the late Right Hon. and Rev. Lord Berwick.

On the 7th, in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Mary, Widow of the late General Sir James Hay, K.C.H., Colonel of the Second Dragoon Guards, and for some time Lieu- tenant-Governor of Edinburgh Castle.

On the 7th, in Fitzroy Square, William Ross, "tub father of Sir William C. Ross, B.A. ; in his 78th year. On the 13th, in Charterhouse Square, of lock-jaw, arising from an accidental pistol- shot through the hand, Charles James Webber, Lieutenant in the Fourth Austrian Lancers, youngest son of the late Rev. J. Webber, D.D., Dean of Ripon ; in his 25th year. On the 9th, at Beccles, Suffolk, Thomas Farr, Esq., in the Commission of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenantfor the County of Suffolk ; in his 87th year. On the 10th, in Grosvenor Square, Sir George Talbot, Bart., of Mickleham, Surrey. On the 10th, Amelia Isabella, Wife of D. Jeston Homfray, Esq., and eldest daugh- ter of Sir Francis Destines. On the 10th, at Binfield, Richard Lowndes, Esq., for many years Clerk of Assize on the Midland Circuit ; in his 94th year.

On the Ilth, in Southwick Place, Hyde Park Square, Elizabeth, Wife of Edward Bury, Esq., of the Middle Temple, and daughter of Alexander Henry, Esq., M.P. On the 13th, in Mansfield Street, Alice Mary, Countess Dowager of Limerick. On the 13th. in Oxford Square, Hyde Park, Robert Borrowes, Esq., of Gilltown, county of Kildare, youngest son of the late Sir Kildare Borrowes, Bart. ; in his 72d year.