15 JUNE 1850, Page 7

(CO Vtotontro.

The proposed banquet by the Mayors of England to the Lord Mayor of London, and the Commissioners of the Sho* of Industry by All Natieffite will take place at York; in the City Guildhall, in tie first week of Ate gust ; and it is said that Prince Albert will be present.

The Commemoration at Oxford occupies lees space in the columns of the Metropolitan journals than usual. A brief half-cohmin is green to the spectacle of the principal day, Wednesday ; when the degree :of Dot- ter. in Civil Law was conferred on the Indian warriors, Gough and Ede wardes, on the Oriental seven, Major Ravrlinson, and on the Engiffilt sages of the law and of physic, Judge Alderson, and Dr. Paris, the Profile dent of the College of Physicians. Lord Cough's "heartfelt pleestne, mingled with occasional marks of astonishment at the scene before hilt" —the beautiful building, classically proportioned and illustrated, the

Quaint gorgeousness of some of the academic costumes, and the unconttolled clamour of the undisciplined students—are empluitictill_y touched off by the

reporters ; and the "modest demeanour of the gallant Edwardes" dees not escape their universal eye. The accustomed licenee of applause and sit& lation was asserted by the students, the more energetically because art

order had been issued by the Heads and Proctors against the disorderly practices which of late years had brought "great discredit on the Univer- sity": "hearty cheers" were raised for the Queen, "tremendous cheers" for "the Duke," and for Lord Brougham—who enjoys a Momentary e:t filiation on account of his pretest against the Royal Commission ; while groans of disgust were uttered on the naming of Lord John Russell, the Royal Commission, Sir Robert Peel, and Lord Palmerston, The South Leicesterehire Agricultural Society had a meeting on Thursday, at the Swans Hotel at Market Harborough ; Mr. E. Fisher

presiding. The report of the delegates who attended the meeting In London was read by Mr. Douglas : it urged a cordial cooperation with the National Association, and suggested a penny rate as a means Of raising the needful means. Some speeches were made and resolutioffie Passed and Anelly a proposal for a halfpenny rate was carried, " enable the society to act with more energy in the present oritical stoh) of the agricultural body."

The first of the two tubes for the second line of rails in the Britannia corridor-bridge was safely floated to the foot of the Anglesey piers, by which it will be hoisted and supported aloft, on Monday, without any sort of mishap. The hoisting will be accomplished in about ten days. 'The fourth and last tube will be floated to its plaee in July ; and the structure is to be completed in October, for uninterrupted traffic on both the up and down lines of rail.

Reynolds, a Yarmouth man, some time since separated from his wife. On Thursday sennight he met her ; and after some abusive won* pulled a long clasp-knife from his pocket, and made a savage attack upon her, cutting her on the neck, hands, and arms ; but she managed to escape from him with life. Reynolds then stuck the knife through his own chin and throat, and jumped into the sea; the body was shortly afterwards reeovered. A Ooro- nor's Jury gave a verdict of "Feb de se," and the corpse was buried by torchlight.