15 JUNE 2002, Page 32

Para normal

From Mr Julian Spilsbuty Sir: Does Sion Simon ('Ingerland expects. . ',8 June) really think that Paras 'applaud' at military funerals? He should get out more.

Julian Spilsbuty

Ardens Grafton, Warwickshire

England needs a parliament

From Mr Adrian Hilton Sir: It appears that the solution to government's piecemeal reform of the governance of the United Kingdom has been provided by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Speaking on Breakfast with Frost last Sunday, he supported England in its efforts to win the World Cup because 'the Scots have their Parliament, the Welsh and the Northern Irish have their Assemblies, so give England the World Cup'. It is kind of him to acknowledge that England is, indeed, worthy of some offering to redress the imbalance, but I doubt that a relatively trivial ornament will adequately compensate for long. If England doesn't win the World Cup, may we have a parliament instead, please?

Adrian Hilton

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire