15 MARCH 1963, Page 15

ALDERMASTON GENERATION SIR,—The grounds for Rachel Powell's socialism are that

silicosis. the Malan policy in South Africa, Suez, Hata, Sharpeville, Notting Hill and Cuba 'connect up.' As they also connect with, .e.g., the murders of the Stern Gang, the suppression of the risings in East Germany and Hungary, and with the invasions of Goa, Tibet and India, and the planting of rocket bases on Cuba it would seem that the connecting medium is human nature rather than a specific form of 'social organisation.' Failure to recognise this truth will lead the Aldermaston generation to follow a chase after illusionary per- fectionism similar to that which engaged my genera- tion in the Twenties. They have it in them to do so much better.