15 MARCH 1963, Page 9

'Satire' laid on with trowels:

Mr. Frost's class-conscious vowels— That Was The Week That Was—

As usual, Miss Martin's song Went on just a little too long, And, as usual, they had to stretch Their usual Small-Revue Sketch. And, although I don't like to complain, The men are—let's face it—so plain! (Tell me, does anyone care About Mr. Frost's 'Henry-Five' hair? And can one be brought to endure Mr. Levin's tres bouflante coiffure?)

That Was The Week That Was—

But in Suburbs all over the Nation

They bask in its 'Sophistication.'

And the fact that they're told it's 'Satirical' Makes middle-aged housewives quite lyrical, And then middle-aged husbands look too Because they have heard that it's 'Blue'

And because there's no real wit to trouble you In TR/74)7w.