15 MARCH 1975, Page 4

Powell and the Tories

From Lieut. Cmmdr N. Paulley, RN (Rtd) Sir: Bill Jamieson is right in believing (March 8) that the Conservative Party will have no firmity of purpose until it clears its position with Mr Enoch Powell. But he appears to be under the delusion that it is Mr Powell who is the suppliant, and that the latter wants nothing more than to return to the fold. The opposite is the case. Mr Jamieson has failed to appreciate the salient fact that, whereas the Conservative Party's political somersaults have got it nowhere, Enoch Powell's adherence to principle has gained him nationwide support, to the extent that he has been on the winning side in the last three general elections. Thus the Tories need Mr Powell far more than he needs them.

If the Tories continue to believe that they can do without Mr Powell, their party is unlikely to escape from its present circumstances, which are those of a political abattoir. Noel Paulley Corfu, Cardiff Road, Creigiau, Cardiff Sir: I was very interested in Patrick Cosgrove's article on Enoch Powell.

One of the things he does not mention is the loss of Mr Powell in combating the socialist slide to the corporate state. It is really tragic that he is proving a loss leader on this issue.

Where is our great advocate of the market economy when it is being knocked for six?

George Loftus 78 Carlton Avenue East, Preston Road, Wembley, Middlesex