15 MARCH 1975, Page 5

Was it Wodehouse ?

Sir: Benny Green's delightful tribute to P. G. Wodehouse (March 1) included no mention of a thick paperback published over sixty years ago entitled: The Swoop, or How Clarence saved England. I am wondering even if my memory is at fault, as I have seen no mention of it elsewhere. Perhaps a reader will confirm or refute?

The book was an hilarious satirical yarn of a simultaneous German and Russian invasion of England, and how our country was saved by Clarence, the bespectacled Boy Scout (illustrated by Harrison).

However, appearing at a time when World War One was in the offing, no doubt P.G. was not the only one desiring that The Swoop be expunged from his repertoire.

Leslie Gardner 36 New Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon.