15 MARCH 1975, Page 9


IF a stand is to be made obviously the first thing to do is to obtain the means of maintaining national communication whatever the Trade Unions may do. This can only be done by controlling a printing plant capable of producing newspapers by the million, and by the production of a newspaper the publication of which cannot be stopped by Trade Union action. It will be the only independent newspaper appearing in Great Britain.

We have found a printing works within a hundred miles of London admirable for this purpose. We have taken a short-term option on it. We have traced the whereabouts of sufficient master printers, totally independent of Union control, capable of running a newspaper works, and have assured ourselves of their cooperation.

TO purchase the plant, to develop its potential, to install the generators which will make it independent of outside and Union controlled electrical power, and to maintain it constantly in a state of readiness to produce millions of copies of a daily newspaper any time the Trade Unions bring the national press to a stop will cost about £480,000.

We believe that in its own interests as well as that of the Nation, the City should add their essential financial support to this venture.

Members of the group all in a private capacity, have put up £.65,000. We ask all who read this and agree with us to make an immediate contribution so that we can go ahead with our plans within the next few days.

WE suggest that every Director, Executive and Partner of financial, business and professional concerns, acting in a private capacity, should contribute £100.

Larger or smaller sums will of course, be welcome, and so will donations from all others who believe in the active defence of freedom.

An organisation to be known as the Current Affairs Press has been set up. The accounts are under the supervision of a partner of one of the City's largest and best known firms of Chartered Accountants. In the event of insufficient funds being received to complete the purchase of the works and make it viable all contributions received will be returned without deductions by 1 May 1975. The Works can be completed and fully ready for action within three months of obtaining possession.

In order to prevent any illegal picketing, or other unlawful interference, the location of the plant will remain secret for as long as possible.

It is unfortunately necessary to emphasise that the names of the Group establishing the venture, and those contributing to it, will in no circumstances be disclosed without the express written instructions of those concerned.

I (NCE the Works and an indepen' dent newspaper are established, further steps are visualized in the fight for national survival. All Subscribers will be kept informed of the developments proposed, and will have every opportunity of making their views known and thus influencing the steps to be taken.

But first, if anything is to be done at all the Printing Works must be established.

If you agree please take up your pen, fill in the Coupon below, and post it today.