15 MAY 1880, Page 1

The powerlessness or the trickery of the Turkish Government has

produced a serious crisis in Albania. The districts to be ceded to Montenegro having been occupied by the armed members of the Albanian League, a great meeting of the clans was called at Scutari on April 19th. It was attended by 2,000 leading persons, including the heads of the Miridites, the great Catholic clan, as well as of the Mahommedan bepts, and amidst a scene of passionate excitement, described elsewhere, it was resolved to throw off the authority of the Sultan, and to constitute Albania either a wholly independent State, or a State paying only a small tribute to Constantinople. A Prince will shortly be elected, and meanwhile two Commanders-in- Chief have been appointed, one for the Mahommedans and one for the Christians. The Turkish troops, or a portion of them, have joined the League, and according to the latest accounts, a native army of 10,000 men is assembling at Tusi. The revolt as' yet affects a population of about 300,000, of whom certainly 30,000 are fighting men, badly disciplined, but unusually brave, and well armed. Commissariat will be their difficulty, even for a defensive war.