15 MAY 1880, Page 21

Art in the Mountains: the Story of the Passion-Play. By

Henry Blackburn. (Sampson Low and Co.)—Mr. Blackburn dwells, but not exclusively, on the artistic side of the Passion-Play, and while criticising a few details, none of them of much importance, concurs with the high praise which most eye-witnesses have agreed in giving. Nor is he less divided in his approval of the moral effect of the representation. But he thinks—unfortunately, we fear, with too much reason—that the publicity which the performance has now acquired, the facilities for viewing it, will almost necessarily lower its character. It is almost impossible that the single-hearted, un- affected simplicity of the performance should survive these unfavour- able influences. The volume is illustrated with some interesting photographs, and contains an appendix which furnishes useful information for travellers.