15 MAY 1880, Page 21

Trish Saints in Great Britain. By the Right Rev. Patrick

F. Moran, D.D. (M. H. Gill and Son.)—Bishop Moran has studied his subject carefully, and has produced a book which should rank as an authority. Unhappily, to mar its utility, it lacks an index. This is all the more to be regretted, as it is crowded with names often obscure, and even absolutely strange, to the average reader. As far, indeed, as general literary effect is concerned, Bishop Moran's pages are far too much crowded. If he had omitted or passed by with a very brief reference three-fourths of the saints whom he mentions or de- scribes, and limited himself to detailed accounts of such men as Columba and Cuthbert, he would have done better. It would be useless to ask for a more critical spirit. Perhaps in such a subject this spirit would be out of place. The story of St. Columba's political intrigues can- not be quite BO easily disposed of as the writer thinks. The mention of this reminds us of another defect in the Bishop's book, the want of a concise and clear statement of his authorities. Any reader who is not an expert is left in the dark as to their relative value, though he may find incidental notices bearing on the matter. To have given the name of each chronicler, &c., with the probable date and some account of his writings, and the argument for genuineness, would have been materially to increase the value of the book.