15 MAY 1880, Page 3

Mrs. Garrett-Anderson, M.D., delivered a lecture at the rooms of

the Social Science Association, in the Adelphi, on Tuesday, on the educational pressure put on children, and especially on girls, in some of the best secondary schools. Her great object was to confine continuous school-time to three hours, with five minutes between each hour; to insist on a good playground in all schools ; to limit narrowly the amount of writing required in the preparation of lessons out of school; to discourage anything like a frequent recurrence of stimulating or exciting examinations ; and to spread education over a sufficient time, so as to make the education of. girls at least even, and not hurried. All these are clearly wise suggestions. But we confess we doubt the extent of the danger on which so much is now said. When ambitions girls overwork themselves, whether to make up for past deficiencies or from pure ambition, no doubt there is real reason for anxiety, and even more reason for anxiety than with the same class of boys. But this case is rare. And for the most part, regularly educated girls in good schools have healthier brains than half-educated or uneducated girls.