15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 21


Tuesday, Sept. 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVE:D.-White and Briggs, York, grocers-Watson and Co. Darlington, stationers-E. and J. Wilkinson, Aberford, drapers-Chilie and True- love, Birmingham, timber-merchants-Williams and Co. Liverpool, printers-Neve and Lathbury, Wolverhampton, iron-merchants-M'Geagh and Fielding, Shrews- bury, drapers-Cole and ?Sorely, Brockford, Suffolk, farmers-E. D. and T. W. Wel- ford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, attornies-at-law-The St. Agnes Hammer Mill Com- pany, Cornwall-Wardle and Frazer, Bishopwearmouth, engine-builders-Roberts and Co. Liverpool, drapers ; as far as regards E. Roberts-Humphreys and Clarkson, Garston, Lancashire, blacksmiths-Hamsworth and Fielding, Halifax, brewers- Senior and Steel, West Mill, Bishop Auckland, shoddy-merchants-Goodall and Co. Sheffield, stove-manufacturers; as far as regards W. A. Goodall-Wilkins and Sharp, Great Winchester Street, bullion-brokers-Bell and Co. Durham, owners of Washington Colliery ; as far as regards C. Croudace -Mundy and Son, Back Church Lane, Whitechapel, carpenters-Armstrong and Waller, Carlisle, joiners-Forsyth and Elmslie, Aberdeen, druggists; as far as regards W. Elmslie-Henderson and Co. Leghorn, and Henderson and Co. Glasgow, merchants. BANKRUPTS.-HENRY HOUGHTON, Friday Street, merchant, to surrender Sept. 21, Oct. 16: solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street, Cheapside ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-GEoRoa ALEXANDER APLEAN, High Holborn, tailor, Sept 28, Oct. 18: solicitor, Gilham, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-WILLIAM BIPKINS, Birmingham, grocer, Sept. 21, Oct. 19: solicitor, Bartleet, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham-Wm- LUIS BROADHURST and WILLIAM MARSHALL BROADHURST, Sheffield, table-knife- manufacturers, Sept. 29, Oct. 27: solicitor, Webster, Sheffield; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield-HENRY and Samuel. EVANS, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, saddle- tree-makers, Sept 24, Oct. 22 : solicitors, Phipps, Camcross, Gloucestershire ; Bevan and Girling, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-WILLIAM Swcrr, Liverpool, cart-owner, Sept. 21. Oct. 12: solicitor, Etty, Liverpool; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool.

DIVIDENDS.-Oct. 2, Whitmore, Leicester, wool-stapler-Oct. 2, Swindell, Ash- borne, Derbyshire, wine-merchant--Oct. 2, Appleton, Leicester, trimmer-Oct. 2, Chapman, Leicester, worsted-spinner-Oct. 2, Parkinson sen. and Parkinson jun. Leicester, hosiers-Oct. 2, Thraves and Harrison, Nottingham, upholsterers -Oct. 2, Cbarlesworth, Nottingham, plumber-Oct. 5, Briggs, North Shields, grocer.

Crannosims.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting-Oct. 3, Francis, George Yard, Lombard Street, dealer in mining-shares -Oct 3, Tyree, Blackfriars Road, boot-manufacturer-Oct. 2, Davies, Narbeth, Pembrokeshire, leather-dealer-Oct. 3, Harvey, Great St. Helen's, money-scrivener -Oct 5, Durrant High Holborn, victualler-Oct. 2, Warren, Gloucester, victualler -Oct L8, Sharland, Penzance, tailor-Oct. 25, Tiptaft, Taunton, druggtst's-assist- ant-Oct. 4, Horrocks, Salford, Lancashire, grocer-Oct. 2, Hall, Manchester, garden-net-manufacturer-Oct. 2, Williams, Liverpool, tailor.

Son= SEQUESTRATIONS.-Elliott and Co. Glasgow, merchants, Sept. 21-Barn- hill and Wardrope, Glasgow, merchants, Sept 24-W. and R. Laing, Dundee, drapers, Sept. 21.

Friday, Sept. 14. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-E. 8. and H. N: umphreys, Lima, merchants-Spencer and Wareing, Preston, iron-founders-W. S. and W. Hayes, Oldbury, attomies- Wilernan and Son, Louth, cordwainers-Bromley and Co. Burnley, gold-twist- mannfacturers-Morrison and Co. Crown Court, Philpot Lane, merchants; as far as regards .7. R. Morrison-Colley and Co. Cook's Ground, Chelsea- Boothby and Co. Oldham, wine-dealers-Wilson and Briggs, Nottingham, machine-holders- Schoolings and Everet, Great Garden Street, Whitechapel Road, ironmongers- Sadler and Yeomans, Stanley, Staffordshire, painters -Rowson and Poole, Man- chester, plumbers-Trumble and Cooke, Oxford Street, paper-hanging-manufac- turers-Headley and Newbold, Hull, wharlingers-Clark and Mosbery, Warwick Square, Newgate Street, embossers-Farnsworth and Caulton, Beeston, maltsters- Jaquin and Jennings, hionkwell Street, Falcon'Square, patentees of buttons-Guthrie and Scott, Brighton, drapers-Cooper and do. Oaks, Preston, cotton-spinners- and Preston, Greenfield, Throgmorton Street, stock-brokers-Abel and Jones, Col- chester, attornies-Redfern and Graham, Manchester, stone-masons- Coe and Co. Manchester, merchants.

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.-CHARLES HODGE, Chelsea, smith-EOBERT AUSTIN, Pembroke Square, Kensington, linen-draper. BANKRITPTEL-AANCIS STEPHEN FOLEY, Goldsmith Street, warehouseman, to sur- render Sept. 25, Oct. 28: solicitors, Robinsons, Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street ; official assignee, Cannon, Aldermanbury-WILLIAM Basixwrr, Little Warley,

Sept 24, Oct. 18: solicitors, Trehern and White, Barge Yard Chambers ; Duffield, Chelmsford; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury-JosaFit GILL, King Street, Camden Town, victualler, Sept. 21, Oct. 16: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury-GxoRon ALEXANDER M'LEAN, High Holborn, tailor, Sept. 21, Oct. 18: solicitor, Gilham, Bartlett's Buildings ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Louis Licirnzionsor, Great St. Helen's, mer- chant, Sept. 26, Oct. 23: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Ed- wards, Sambrook Court-WILLIAM KEELING, Birmingham, merchant, September 26, October 24: solicitor, Jabet, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Bir- rouigharn-WH.LLus Horimis, Birmingham, grocer, September 29, October 19: solicitor, Bartleet, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham-ALFRED STANHOPE DODGES, Glastonbury, photographer, Sept. 24, Oct. 22: solicitors, Bullied, Glastonbury; Abbot and Lucas, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman. Bristol -WILLIAM JAMIESON ANSON, Leeds, cloth-merchant, Sept. 28, Oct. 28: solicitors, Waller, Gray's Inn; Payne and Co. Leeds; official assignee, Young, Leeds-inures FLYECHER LACE, Birkenhead, and LEONARD Annisox, Abbots Grange, Chester, Printers, Sept. 25, Oct. 23: solicitors, Watkins and Son, Bolton ; Dodge, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool—Elwin; JonarsoN, Liverpool, Sower-dealer,8ept. 24, Oct. 22: solicitors, Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liver- pOol-Groacia ATKINSON, Liverpool, grocer, Sept. 24, Oct. 22: solicitor, Barrell, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool-WiLLIAR CLARKS, Altrincham, Joiner, Sept,. 25, Oct. 16: solicitors, Whitworth. Manchester; official assignee, Pott, Manchester-WILLIAM EARNSHATI COOPER and DAVID COOPER, Manchester, tallow- doodlers, Sept. 28, Nov. 7: solicitors, Atkinson and Co. Manchester ; official assig- nee, Fraser, Manchester.

Otvinaims.-Oct. 6, Warburton, Sheffield, tool-manufacturer-Oct: 6, Waller ju- nior, Chesterfield, iron-founder-Oct. 8, Eyre, Sheffield, grocer-Oct. 6, Hatton, Chesterfield, auctioneer.

CartrifficAirs.- To be granted. unless Caine be shown to the contrary, on the day of !'"elins.-Oct. 8, Billing, Cambridge, cooper-Oct. 8, Walters, Cheater, coal-agent- vet. 8, Courtney, Westbromwich, auctioneer-Oct. 8, Weston, Market Harborough, halos—Oct. 9, Wesson, Loughborough, bleacher-Oct 9, Gray, Grantham, hosier— et. 9, Scott, Nottingham, grocer-Oct. 4, Nash, Stourbrnige, builder-Oct. 4, Qua ton, Birmingham, builder.