15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 3


Doncaster Races opened on Tuesday, with fine weather, but only an average attendance. The ground was hard, and led to much miscalcula- tion of results, but the sport on the whole was good. The chief event— the St. Leger—came off on Wednesday, and was won by an " outsider." The St. Leger Stakes of 25 sore. each, for 3-yr olda; colts 8st lib ; fillies, 8st 21b. The second to receive 100 cove. out of the stakes. St. Leger coarse. (117 subs.)

Mr. T. Parr's Saucebox, by St. Lawrence (Wells) 1

Mr. Osbaldeston's Rifleman (Flatman) 2

Mr. J. Osborne's Lady Tatton (J. Osborne) 3

Mr. A. Johnstone's. Rotherham (3. Marston) 4

The following also ran-eGrieculus Esuriens, Herald, Marchioness, Bloom- ing Heather, Ninon, Capnciiie„ e by Surplus out of Clementine, Alice.

Betting at starting : 5 to 4 apt Rifleman, 7 to 2 agst Oulston, 6 to 1 apt Clementine colt, 8 to 1 apt Rotherham, 15 to 1 meet Marchionesa, 15 to 1

apt Capucine, 20 to 1 asst ri

t Grreculas Esuens,:5 to 1 apt Blooming' 40 to 1 apt Saucebox.

The Race.—" They got off at the first attempt. Saecebox immediately !imbed to the front; but, before making the turn for the far Bide of the course, he gave way to Lady Tatton, Rifleman going on second, ,with Saucebox third, and Rotherham next ; the Clementine colt and Oulaton showing at the tail of the nick. In pretty nearly the same order they ran to the mile- post, where Oulston went up to Rifleman ; Saucebox at this point being fourth, and Capucine next. On passing the Red House the lot presented a compact form, Lady Tattoo still having a slight lead, with Rifleman second, Oulaton third, and Saucebox fourth. On reaching the distance, Oulaton disappeared from the front, and in the next moment Lady Tatton gave way to Rifleman and f3aucebox. They ran in this order to the stand, and the contest now was intensely exciting. Wells, with admirable tact and the most energetic perseverance, "called upon" Saucebox, who made a gallant effort, headed Rifleman, and at last won by three-quarters of a length, Lady Tatton was beaten about half a length from Rifleman, Rotherham was a bad fourth; then came Marchioness, Clementine colt, and Blooming Heather ; the three

being nearly abreast. Herald was in their wake, and Oulston and Capucine were the next two ; Grieculus Esuriens was last. The pace was bad through- out. Rifleman broke down."