15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 9

In sending the list of casualties to the newspapers, Lord

Panmure men- tioned that mistakes had occurred in the list of wounded officers in the course of transmission by telegraph. An examination of the list, however, shows that these mistakes are not of a character to warrant any doubt as to the identity of those named. The errors are generally in the Christian names, and are only of consequence where there are two of the same name in a regi- ment. Thus, in the 7th Fusiliers, Lieutenant " W." M. Jones is stated to be dangerously wounded. There are in the regiment Lieutenant H. M. Jones and Lieutenant L. J. F. Jones ; but it is, doubtless, the former. In the 88th, where there are two officers named respectively Lieutenant-Colo- nel G. V. Maxwell and Major E. H. Maxwell, Lieutenant-Colonel " F." Maxwell is described as wounded, and the Lieutenant-Colonel must be meant. The name of Major King, 49th, was twice inserted in the list.—Globe, Sept. 14.